The Objective

Based on the new and platform based working of UNDP and bringing integrated solutions to complex development issues in Turkey, the Project at hand aims to operationalize Business for SDGs Platform, which is the first collective action of private sector in Turkey addressing SDGs. The Platform, which is a joint initiative of UNDP, TURKONFED and TUSIAD was launched through an MoU signed between the parties on 11 January 2019. The Project will thereby launch a platform-based approach to deepen responsible engagement with the private sector and working with Government, to mobilize private sector resources for domestic investments in the Sustainable Development Goals in accordance with national development priorities. The Platform will be inclusive in nature and open for the involvement of all formally established private sector entities, associations and their stakeholders during the course of its operations.

UNDP CO will work with prominent private sector representative bodies, namely TUSIAD, TURKONFED (Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation) and the Government of Turkey for the creation of an inclusive ‘Business for Goals’ Platform which will execute research, studies and dialogues to transform the private sector’s role from the conventional approach of supporting the economic development to more inclusive and elaborated public private partnerships for the achievement of SDGs.