Sustainability and Scaling Up

The Business for Goals Platform will rely on self-financing by the end of the two-year initial start-up phase. The Platform will act as Turkey’s first private sector Think-Do Tank and by the end of two years, the structure will be operationalized to generate income from activities offered to businesses and non-business clients (governments, development agencies, IGOs etc), including but not limited to:


  1. Empirical research and studies offered to clients on demand basis.
  2. Policy recommendations and strategy frameworks for public and private sectors.
  3. Sectorial analysis on the role of value chains.
  4. Strategy development for value chain integration.
  5. Direct support to micro, small, medium and large size companies on typologies and correlation matrixes between core business operations and SDGs.
  6. Documentation of the issues such as gender, education, health, inclusion, environment, unemployment, human rights etc.
  7. Develop engagement and partnership projects for private sector’s active contribution to development.
  8. Management facility provided to businesses for social and environmental impact assessment and conduct of operations.
  9. Moderating of dialogues between private and public agents on societal and environmental areas of concern.
  10. Support to sustainability measuring and reporting.
  11. Resilience building planning and trainings and other capacity building support.
  12. Management of multi-partnership initiatives funded by third party donors.