Risks and Assumptions

TUSIAD and TURKONFED represent over 80 percent of Turkey’s private capital, Fortune 500 of Turkey and over 40,000 local business organizations in total. The engagement of those two organizations and their member local organizations are highly critical in achieving the local businesses. Top level engagement and representative capacity of champion leaders will be ensured to increase the awareness and sense of ownership. A prominent business person with representative capacity nationally and internationally will be appointed as the President of the Business for Goals Platform.

It is also important to note that the Business for SDG Platform aims at being a reliable input provider to the SDGs Nationalization and coordination efforts of the Government of Turkey. Therefore, the Government’s acceptance of the role of the Platform as per its mandate is highly important to achieve results. The Partners will ensure high quality research is made available for the Government’s needs on SDGs and private sector and there is a continued dialogue and communication with the respective agency for coordination (Strategy and Budget Office). This Project’s Board will offer the opportunity to discuss vision and progress, but will not be the only venue for close interactions.