B4G Management Structure

Business for Goals Platform will use the theory of change analysis to explore different options to achieve the maximum results with available resources. A platform-based or networking governance model will be adopted, which will maximize effective contributions of partners organizations. The Partners will make sure the business model of the Platform is completely inclusive of any legal business entity, including but not limited to the Syrian owned businesses in Turkey.

This Project for the Operationalization of Business for Sustainable Development Goals Platform in Turkey will be jointly managed by UNDP, TUSIAD, TURKONFED and the Government of Turkey. There will be a Project Board, which will be established as the overall authority for the implementation of the Project activities that are defined in the Document at hand and responsible for its initiation, direction, review and eventual closure. Within the confines of the Project, the PB is the highest authority of this Project and will work in close coordination with the Executive Board of the Platform.

An Executive Board whose Terms of Reference is enclosed will be formed as a part of the Governance Structure of the Business for Goals Platform, which will be represented by high level business people with a background on successful impactful business operations and consciousness on sustainable development. The Board will berepresented by a President, who will be a prominent and influential business figure to lead the Platform’s work and represent the Platform at relevant national and international venues effectively.

Under the authority of the Board, the day to day operations of the project will be accomplished by a team operating under the jurisdiction of UNDP with dotted line responsibility to TURKONFED and TUSIAD. The Project Manager’s prime responsibility is to ensure that the project produces the results specified in the project document, to the required standard of quality and within the specified constraints of time and cost.

UNDP will offer project support functions and development advise for project administration, management and technical support to the Project Manager as required by the needs of the Project or Project Manager.

UNDP CO will have a coordinated and collaborative focus with IICPSD and IRH to partnerships with the Turkish private sector, including for the efforts to benefit multiple countries in the region.