Trainings focusing on Agriculture, Food and Water Sectors were held under the Business Climate Resilience Project which was designed based on the private sector’s need to develop awareness, preparedness and response capacities in order to ensure the comprehension of climate-induced risks and adaptation of existing production systems, and carried out by the Business for Goals (B4G) Platform with the support of the Connecting Business Initiative (CBi).

The content of the training, which was designed specifically for the Agriculture, Food and Water Sectors and held for the first time on 11 February 2022 and repeated on 2 June 2022, comprised of the transformation of the relevant sectors as well as their status and potential of being impacted in association with the climate crisis. The training included a discussion on how the climate crisis drives food safety, security and sovereignty, and focused on the sector-specific and general economic problems that await Türkiye, world developments, and the required measures. Designed in the framework of the breakdowns in food supply chains associated specifically with the COVID-19 pandemic; disasters such as drought, flood, and wildfire, with increased frequency and severity; and diesel, fertilizer, fodder and electricity costs becoming unsustainable for farmers; the training was held interactively, with the participation of subject-matter specialist trainers and guest speakers.

For further information about the project, please visit the project page.