Meeting on the Localization of Reporting Practices

Date: 2 September 2020
Time: 11.30 – 13.30

The Business for Goals Platform (B4G) has been established in partnership with TÜRKONFED, TÜSİAD and UNDP to build a bridge between the business community and the Sustainable Development Goals and strengthen the role of the businesses in sustainable development. B4G’s path crossed with the Anadolu Group, that, in 2019, published the Sustainable Development Goals Alignment Report, which sets an example for the business community. This cooperation resulted in preparation of a set consisting of three important instruments that will have a guiding role in the field of sustainability in Turkey.

The set and its content have demonstrated that reporting practices are far from simplicity that can be easily implemented by local companies and SMEs, and companies’ in-house capacities and knowhow are not sufficient. Localization of reporting practices is needed in order to develop a reporting discipline in parallel of becoming a private sector actor that is transparent, future-fit and responsible.

B4G invites the reporting experts to think collaboratively and work together at the meeting on Localization of Reporting Practices that will be held on September 2, 2020 to find new ways to promote sustainability reporting practices among local businesses and SMEs. B4G aims to develop a simplified methodology and a tool to increase the sustainability reporting practices in the local scale; re-think and initiate the adaptation process; increase local businesses’ awareness on SDGs and motivate them to reassess their operations with SDG lenses.

Meeting Programme

11.30-11.45 Opening Remarks
Pelin Kihtir, Director of the Business for Goals Platform
Melda Çele, Secretary General of the UN Global Compact Turkey
Kaan Ünver, Anadolu Group Corporate Affairs and Communications Coordinator
11.45-12:00 Introduction
Simay Kardeş, Associate Director of the Business for Goals Platform
12.00-13:15 Co-working on Key Sustainability Reporting Tool

  • Survey on Reporting Experience
    • Tools used
    • Company profiles worked with
    • Difficulties encountered
    • Needs
  • Trends in Sustainability Reporting
      Reporting frameworks used globally & in Turkey and the indexes will be evaluated.
  • Developing a Responsible Management Approach in SMEs within the Framework of SDGs
      By dividing into 3 Working Groups, feedback on the following issues will be received

    • SDGs and the Role of Businesses
    • Reporting as a Management Tool
    • What kind of a Tool?
    • Experience Sharing
  • Sharing Group Outputs
13:15-13:30 Opinion, Suggestions and Closing Remarks