Global Best Practıces: Prıvate Sector Innovatıons and Technologıes for Dısaster Rısk Management Sessıon

The majority of Turkiye’s population, and critical economic sectors and industrial zones are highly exposed to earthquakes, landslides, flooding, as well as extreme weather events. Enhancing disaster risk reduction and management capability remains a priority. The involvement of non-traditional humanitarian actors such as the private sector will be key in strengthening coping capacities. It was for this reason that Business for Goals Platform (B4G) and the Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TÜRKONFED) launched the Connecting Business initiative (CBi) platform in the country to support the Turkish business community in disaster and climate resilience.

Within the scope of Business Climate Resilience Project, the Business for Goals Platform together with TÜRKONFED, and the Connecting Business initiative (CBi) will organize this online event called “Global Best Practices: Private Sector Innovations and Technologies for Disaster Risk Management”. This session will take place on 7th of June, Tuesday between 10.00 am and 11.30 am (UTC +3) showcasing examples and global best practices from the private sector on the application of innovation and technologies for disaster risk management.

The session aims to showcase concrete examples and global best practices on the use of innovation and technologies from the private sector for disaster risk management. Through these examples, a discussion on lessons learnt will be facilitated to identify opportunities for the application of innovation and technologies in their own disaster management activities.



Simay Kardes, Associate Director, Business for Goals Platform
Florian Rhiza Nery, Local Network Coordination Specialist, Connecting Business Initiative


Welcome remarks, İrem Oral Kayacık, President of B4G Platform


Introduction to the Business and Climate Resilience Project of CBi Turkiye by Simay Kardeş, Associate Director, B4G Platform


Industry Spotlight: Innovative Solutions on Disaster Risk Management by Yusuf Zahit Gündoğdu, President, Miyamoto International Turkey, Principal, Miyamoto International Inc


Industry Spotlight: GSMA Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation by Isaac Kwamy, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation, GSMA


Industry Spotlight: Strengthening Partnerships for Humanitarian Data Exchange by Anthony Burke, Humanitarian Data Exchange Community Manager, OCHA’s Centre for Humanitarian Data


Facilitated discussion by Dr. Murad Tiryakioglu, Business and Climate Resilience Project Advisor, on innovation and technology solutions for climate and disaster resilience for the business community


Closing remarks by Kareem Elbayar, Programme Coordinator, OCHA-UNDP Connecting Business initiative