The Business for Goals (B4G) Platform operates to boost the private sector’s contributions in sustainable development, resilience building, inclusive growth, and achieving Sustainable Development Goals, through joint reflection and action led by the private sector.

In the study area referred to as Climate Change and Disaster Resilience, B4G ensures that businesses are prepared for possible disasters and crises, and strengthen their actions against climate change. Promoting the disaster preparedness of the business world for effective response, recovery, and reconstruction, the Platform increases the resilience of the economy to natural and human-made disasters through research, reports, meetings and capacity development action.


The preparedness and response capacity of the private sector needs to be enhanced in order for the business world to understand climate-induced risks and adapt existing production systems.

B4G Platform, which is one of the host institutions of Connecting Business Initiative (CBi) Türkiye along with TURKONFED, initiated the Business Climate Resilience Project, in the framework of which the business world was informed of the interlinked, rapidly changing risks that are anticipated to result from natural disasters. The Business for Goals Platform aimed for comprehension of all dimensions of the changing risk environment including exposure, vulnerability and hazard, in addition to climate risk management capacity.